Monday, June 13, 2005

The Republic of Alberta

I know this post is outside the realm of marketing or even fashion, but I thought it was important enough to blog about, considering the current political climate in Canada. So here goes...please forgive my strong views!

Should Alberta separate from the rest of Canada? Put simply, Albertans should separate because the Canadian federation is no longer a Democracy.

Alberta is taxed without representation, provides the money that the liberal dictatorship uses to bribe Eastern Canada, and in return, is labelled as biggots and racists by our fellow citizens.

In 2005 alone, it will cost every single Albertan approximately $5000.00 to be "Canadian." Since 1960, Albertans have paid over $200 billion in Federal transfer payments (welfare) to the rest of Canada, the primary beneficiary being Quebec. This does not include the aproximately $180 billion Pierre Trudeau "stole" from Alberta as a result of the National Energy Program.

The Liberal Government is poised to again rob Alberta by way of pilfering its mineral wealth generated by high commodity prices. Other Canadians say that our province is merely "lucky" to have such mineral wealth and claim the right to share in our prosperity, while at the same time, ignoring our input into the country as a whole (i.e., our opposition to the Canadian Wheat Board, the Kyoto Accord, gun control, and an Elected Senate).

By stealing Alberta's money during the prosperous times, the rest of the country prevents us from building a diversified economy and securing a future for ourselves once our non-renewable resources have been depleted. The common retort is that Alberta should not worry, but rather seek solace in the fact that the rest of Canada will support Alberta when we are in need.

Do you honestly believe that Ontarians and Quebekers are going to feed and house you when the oil runs out?

For more information on the subject of Alberta separation, visit these resources:

Free Alberta (
Separation Alberta (
Republic of Alberta (


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting post, definitely not a moderate perspective.

However, even though the arguments for separation all valid on the surface I am unable to make the leap to separation. I feel the logic is still non-sequitur.

For example: One of the objectives of the separation party is to create, “a true justice system, not a legal system that isn’t just;” – this has nothing to do with all the economic arguments used to position us to believe that separation would be better for us. Second, it is completely ill-defined. What is the difference between the old and proposed legal system? Etc.

I am a proponent for less government, and for less taxation. However, it is unlikely that this new nation would remain as uncorrupted as proposed. It is still indeed, going to be a system composed of humans looking after their individual interests.

I see separation, currently, as too extreme. The greatest service the party offers today is that it might force the other parties to adopt more pro-Alberta positions.

As a final note: I also find the arguments crafted are highly fear based and over use hyperbole. I think the party would do better to position themselves with less rhetoric.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Hank Reardon said...

This comment is in reply to the previous comment by anonymous in regards to the "justice system." Although the legal problems are not in fact economic arguments supporting separation, they describe the loss of democratic principles within the parliamentry system. When a governing party appoints the judiciary based on political affiliations, then the judiciary ceases to be a system of justice and instead becomes a medium of control by a particular political party.

In regards to the note on the separation arguments being crafted and highly fear-based, I would reccomend a careful analysis of the Liberal party's fear-mongering over the past decade about Conservative ideals and about the redneck baby-eating two-headed monsters from Alberta.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is precisely why I am embarrased to be an Albertan. Lemme guess - you live in white collar Calgary, drive to work everyday, and spend most of your time thinking about what to spend your money on? There are far more important things about being a citizen, and indeed a human being than the issues you raise in your article. Equality. Respect. Opportunity. Empathy. Rights. Being Canadian means that you live in one of the most highly praised societies in the world - because we are generally seen as accepting, kind, open-minded individuals. We have decent social programs, our children are educated reasonably well, and we don't act like spoiled selfish brats in comparing ourselves to others. I'll take my Canada whole thanks. I can do without the guns and think Kyoto is not a bad idea since I value more than my own SUV and bank account.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, the opponents to separation bring the debate down to the level of four year olds nattering in a playground.

Personally, I have never been ashamed to be an Albertan. I have been greatly ashamed however, to be lumped together with Canadians who seem all too complacent, dare I say spineless, when it comes to recognizing that Canada is at least as corrupt as any junta that Mexico has elected and probably as expedient as Robert Mugabi.

So long as you are content to stand there doing nothing in the face of this overwhelming corruption and theft, the one thing I shall deeply be, is ashamed to say that you are one of us.

You care about more than your bank account and SUV you say. Any thought to the coming generations of Albertans or just for yourself? Will they be able to afford SUV's? Will they have bank accounts? Or will they be totally dependent upon Canadians for their welfare?

And what of those Albertans who have neither SUV nor bank account? Give a crap about them or is this debate to be all about you?

Well let me tell you something boy-o. I am a millionaire. Several times in fact. I have SUV's and virtually every expensive toy known to man. And I would surrender it all for a free Alberta. That's called sacrifice for the betterment of all, something you, in spite of your Kyoto rhetoric, know nothing about. You are ill-informed and selfish.

Why would I make such a huge sacrifice for my children and grandchildren? Because I know that my freedom and self-worth are more valuable than being a Canadian.

Hell, a 1981 Lada is more valuable than my status as a Canadian.

Give me a free Alberta and those of us who believe in liberty, freedom and justice will show the likes of you how it should be done.

That's what Albertans do. We lead the way. And if you are merely going to stand there bawling about how things can't be done, could you at least try to not get in the way of the people who are tying to accomplish something?

Regards, AL Clark

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog! One more weapon for the movement. Keep spreading the message!

Leigh Patrick Sullivan

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and may his Holiness Ralph bless us all.

As an Albertan, I am embarassed you live within the confines of my province. These paranoid diatribes of the 'east is stealing our oil, our resources, our money, oh my!' are SO wearing thin. To be part of a nation such as Canada is an honour, probably THE truest privilege in a world where governments are either corrupt, continuously feuding or exploiting their citizens. Yes, fellow hicks, our government is not perfect. It has made mistakes and has shown shameful arrogance. Here's something - try to look beyond the homeland. Beyond our borders, you are highly regarded, not for being a blessed Albertan, but for being part of a truly great Canadian culture.

As you seem to lust for the almighty dollar, why not just end it and become an american? You sound well suited to become a fine republican, with even greater potential to reach terrific literary heights, à la Ann Coulter - well-versed in irrelevant rants and perpetuatin mindless paranoia. As the other person wrote, you are quite a tool for the movement...

And so it goes, rednecks can be female after all!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another courageous unsigned post by a pinnacle of left-wing loonie-isms.

"Why don't you just move to America?"

We've got a better idea loonie, we're going to take Alberta out of your socialist Mecca and send YOU packing. All it will take is to cut off your welfare cheque and you'll be heading back to Hastings Street before your landlord even knows you're leaving.

See Caroline, this is what I wrote about on my site. The minute you start to make a coherent arguement in favour of Alberta Independence, the first year Arts students from McGill start writing you love notes.

They never refute the fact that Canada is fundamentally flawed and that the people have no political ability to effect the work of government. They simply say, "Robert Mugabi say's Canada is a wonderful place and you should be greatful that the government lets you live here."

Thanks for the speech. It's the same one they gave Kunta Kintae (the slave from Roots) before he said "blow me white man" and started his run for freedom.

Some of us don't consider how comfortable are our shackles. We only know that we are shackled. And to be shackled is one thing but to be intermingled with slaves who like being slaves, is unbearable.

Soon Alberta will leave Canada and then you can leave Alberta. The collective I.Q's of both countries will benefit as a result.

AL Clark,

4:50 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Just as a point, I think the Alberta Separation movement is a response to Quebec's separatist party.

The Canadian goverment is constantly pouring money into a province that "supposedly" has high support for separation. We fund their programs and watch Ottawa waste taxpayer funds in scandals trying to win over Quebec. The government has already gone completely out of their way in letting them have special legal provisions and subsidies.

Quebec wants to separate, having their own systems and also off-loading their enormous debt to the Canadians so that they can start their new nation of Quebec. There's patriotism for you.

If people are asking Albertans to go to the US, then I guess we should be asking Quebec to go to Lollipop Land where they can stroll down candy cane lane and catch raining gumdrops because everything is free.

Maybe if we discussed Quebec's separtist movement the perspectives would be different?

10:53 AM  
Anonymous J. Franklin said...

Great post! Good to hear well thought out posts from a diverse cross-section of Albertans.

12:15 PM  
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Anonymous Jesse said...

nice rebuttle AL Clark, the way you effectively attack the messenger because you can't properly argue with the message is awe inspiring. I especially enjoyed your assumption that since the anonymous post was liberal that they are on welfare and from Hastings. Let me guess, since i'm defending them, I must be a socialist pothead homosexual from Forest Lawn?

1:09 PM  
Blogger Capt Morgan said...

Exactly where was the message Jesse? I read nothing other than a cheap diatribe an da couple of ten dollar words. Of all the 'seperation is a non-starter' commentaries, not one has recognized the fact that Alberta is the bank account to Canada, and everyone outside the province has the PIN. Tell ya what Jessee, what's your take on the notion that Alberta has paid-out over 210 Billion more to the federal gvt than we've received in cash/services from the feds and at the same time, Quebec has received 220 billion more than they've paid into the system? Any thought? Care to condescend just enough to answer the tough questions.. Possible? I thought not....

9:40 PM  
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