Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How To Get What You Want

Are you sick of not getting what you want? Are you a pushover? A "yes" man? If so, read this now:

The 6 Weapons of Influence
An exerpt from Robert Cialdini's book, Influence, Science and Practice (Allyn & Cacon, 2000).

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This article was recommended to me by a co-worker and I'm glad I took the 5 minutes to do so. (I think it was on a Friday when I was procrastinating on whether I should begin writing a press release or leave it until Monday.)

Until reading this article, I thought that persuasion was an art, not a science. I thought certain individuals were born with a knack for selling themselves. Now I'm convinced it's all science. Fellow Marketers, does your Sales team tell you that your leads are lacking in "quality"? Do you think that they are throwing away your good, quality leads due to weak Sales techniques? I recommend that you forward this article on to all of your sales professionals. It will arm them with some powerful tactics of persuasion to convert those leads to sales (or tell them why certain sales tactics they've been using for years actually work).

I also guarantee that this article will change the way that you look at yourself and your actions. It will shield you against those manipulators who abuse and exploit your psychological vulnerabilities to get you to comply with their needs. It will empower you to make decisions and actions that satisfy your needs, rather than someone else's.


Blogger Robert Steers said...

Interesting Blog! Persuasion is indeed a science that has been harnessed by a variety of groups of people. Robert Greene wrote a great book call The 48 Laws of Power on this exact topic.

5:37 PM  
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