Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gourmet Avocado, Strawberry, Turkey, and Brie Sammies

Another passion of mine besides writing and fashion is food. I recently did a herbal cleanse to gain control of my food cravings, but two weeks after the cleanse, I am back eating chocolate and drinking wine.

Here is an super easy and healthy meal that I am loving right now. I made these sandwiches 3 times this week!

Gourmet Avocado, Strawberry, Brie, and Turkey Sammies


Sliced turkey breast
Basket of Strawberries, thinly sliced
1 Ripe Avocado, thinly sliced
4 Crusty or Sourdough Buns (or any kind you like)
4 slices Brie (Or substitite with Jalepino Havarti)
Salt and Coarse Pepper


1. Cut buns in half.
2. Place a slice of brie on each bun.
3. Broil buns until brie has just melted.
4. Add 1-2 slices avocado to each bun.
5. Top with a few slices turkey.
6. Top with sliced strawberries.
7. Season sandwich with salt and pepper.
8. Enjoy!


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