Friday, May 06, 2005

Are Press Releases Dead?

One of the biggest challenges I face as a writer is coming up with original, creative press releases when working under a tight deadline. Lately, I've also been asking myself: Are press releases a waste of my time?

Press releases can help drive additional traffic to your website. We must now focus not only on writing something newsworthy and catchy, but optimizing the release for the web.

Rather than compile a bunch of tips on SEO for press releases, here are some resources I've found useful:

Press Releases New SEO Back Door To Top Rankings
By Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO-PR

Increase Your Search Engine Exposure – Optimize Your Press Releases
By James Peggie, Elixir Systems

Press Releases Can Increase Search Engine Positioning
By Karon Thackston, Search Engine Guide


Blogger Armand Rousso said...

Press releases are certainly a very effective instrument of securing high rankings on search engines.

They are difficult to create given the restictions in the reading habits on the web but nevertheless, they are very much alive and kicking and can breathe life into the website they represent by attracting more eyeballs towards it!

Carry on with your unique style!

1:19 AM  
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