Thursday, April 21, 2005


Why Marketing Bling?

Why Marketing? My current occupation is a Marketing Communications Specialist at Replicon, a timesheet software vendor
Why Bling? My team is under the false impression that because I belong to a "posh" club called the "Glencoe" that I must be rich.


Blogger Deekay said...

I just wanted to set the record straight my dear friend Caroline...we at Replicon call you "BLING" because you are a high class/trendy girl, who is a memeber at one of the most exclusive gyms in our city...there is a 20 year waiting period to join otherwise you can marry in to it....crazy hey??? But we still love you for being bling!!

9:16 AM  
Blogger Glenn said...

Perhaps you could inform your loyal readers about the use of Brazilian rubber in high-end, ultr-foofy, Paris Hilton-style, imported from Hollywood, designer flip-flops? I think everyone would value your tips on how to avoid the blisters, cracking, and dye-transfer often found in the commoner disease of "sandle feet".

1:59 PM  

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