Monday, April 25, 2005

Back to Basics: Getting Your Emails into the Inbox

As the email marketing specialist at Replicon, I am on a constant mission to increase email open, click-through, and conversion rates, all the while, decreasing bounce-backs. Lately, I have been concerned about our large number of email bounce-backs (upwards of 30%!). Almost half of the emails I send out aren't getting through!

In an attempt to reduce this number, I began researching email deliverability articles. According to ReturnPath:

"Aware of it or not, more than 20 percent of email gets blocked or fi ltered by ISPs and corporate system administrators. Whether email is sent in-house or through an ESP, non-delivery erodes response rates and program effectiveness."

This article, entitled Back to the Basics: Deliverability 101 - Getting your email into the inbox, outlines a series of steps you can take to achive better deliverability rates.

More digging into this subject of email deliverability resulted in this VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE that bad-mouths Constant Contact by Roving, the software we use to send out our email newsletters:

Should we be reconsidering Constant Contact? Although the article is written by a competitor of Constant Contact, I plan to test out their software and see whether there is any validity to their claim. I'll let you know the results!


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